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What we do

Mosaic CTC can offer assessment and treatment for children with a variety of needs, ranging from Developmental Coordination disorder to autism and physical difficulties. First we will discuss with the parent and child what they would like to achieve from therapy, and the options for assessment. 

Assessment may include -

  • Standardised  tests which will give an accurate representation of a child's ability within their peer group and allow observation of general movement.
  • Informal discussion - to determine child centred goals.
  • Therapist observation - to assess specific tasks such as tying shoelaces, handwriting or scissor skills.
  • School visits.
  • Liaison with other professionals.

Following the assessment a report will be completed and an intervention plan recommended if appropriate.

Treatment may include -

  • Individual therapy sessions either at Mosaic CTC or another venue.
  • Activity advice and treatment program.
  • Recommendations of other activities in the community.
  • Reviews are available to check on progress, address any other concerns and update the treatment program if required.

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